Mama Maui! wow its nice to take a breather! it was get’n crazy there out on the road, and what better place is there to just kick back for a while! when I was 9 I got lucky and my family moved to the islands, so I guess its home- kind of.. its “one” of my homes! if you travel enough the meaning of that word can really start to change. for me it’s really anywhere I feel I have a family I can trust and rely on when things get rough. its something you might think would be hard to find on the other side of the world. and if I’m being honest, It was more then a couple of times on this tour that I thought I was alone or was gonna end up shivering on the street somewhere. every time I was in need, someone came threw and caught me!
In the end you just need to trust!

so today I challenge you to meet someone new, someone you have never met before!
add a new member to your family!

throw your self to the wind and you will get caught!


here is a video my family at El Nautico, Pontevedra spain put together for me!

holland has truly been a blast! we just got back from Landjuweel festival in Ruigoord! it was so good to see all you beautiful duchies again! it really felt like coming home! thank you for your great energy, and warmth!
we love you Michael. There are few places as magical as The saloon you created! thank you, thank you, thank you!

we are staying in a apartment in the center of redlight district in Amsterdam.

you wouldn’t believe the kinda stuff you hear going down on these old cobble stone streets! haha! in the end its been great inspiration for the all new material we’ve been working on! hopefully we’ll be in the stdio again soon to lay some new tracks!

But listen up holland folk! I am planning several spontaneous shows around Amsterdam area while we are still here! so keep your ears open and ill post more info when things are more concrete!
so far we have The CC Cafe booked for the 10th of August! doors at 8:30! also featuring the great Ben Graupner! so dont miss it!

New york, I be coming your way again!
Mystic Garden NY! i’ll see you soon!

-Wolfchildsaloon B&W

Join Gabriel Wolfchild and spacial guest Carlien Jeanne at Nautico In¬†¬†Pontevedra Portugal, for a show you won’t forget! 1am 0n the 19th of July

fallow link for more info!

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